What is a sanguivore?

A sanguivore is a person who perceives the need to drink blood regularly for physiological benefit, and to prevent detriment to their overall health and well-being. Without blood, sanguivores will experience problems such as digestive issues, immune dysfunction, and more.

What is a ‘med sang’?

Med sang stands for medical sanguivore. Med sangs are sanguivores who perceive their need to be purely physiological, and believe the answers to our condition are in the realm of scientific inquiry. We approach our condition from the perspective of skepticism, introspection and welcome research and inquiry.

Are you dangerous?

No. We are just people like anyone else. We just happen to have a need that others do not. We maintain high ethical and safety standards when procuring blood, and of course we only take from consenting donors. Many sanguivores are intelligent, self-aware and compassionate individuals.

Are donors welcome to join?

At the Sanguivore Association, there is no differentiation or hierarchy based on whether you are a sanguivore or a donor. Our spaces are entirely donor-inclusive, and we welcome any donor to join us. Donor voices are valued, and we strongly endorse equality and the utmost respect for donors. Several donors were involved in the formation of this organization.